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 Februar 2020

Stomp Down


Crazy Foot Mambo


J.M.B.Vane, S Holtland

K.-H. Winson

Paul McAdam

 Januar 2020

Empty Space

Simply The Best

Blue Ain`t Your Color

The Bull

Anything For Love

Coffee Days And Whiskey Nights

Maria Maag

M Glover, R. McEnaney-White

R Verdonk, J. M. Belloque

H. Barton, H. Wheatley

The Dreamers

Ivonne Verhagen

 Dezember 2019

Senorita La-La-La

Gone West

Holly`s Church

Remember Us This Way

Julia Wetzel

G.. O`Reilly, M. Gallagher

M. & L. Hollnsteiner

A. Johnstone, D. Trepat

 November 2019

Eagles Rock

I`ve Been Waiting For You

Bumpy Ride

Gaye Teather

A. Johnstone, J. Talbot

Daniel Trepat

 Oktober 2019

Tonight Is Real

Shot Of Tequila


Maggie Gallagher

Fred Whitehouse

Maggie Gallagher

 September 2019


Yes M'am, No M'am

Darren Bailey

Ria Vos

 August 2019


Bring Down The House

Born To Love

Gary Lafferty

St. Cormier, D. Henley

G. Schneider, R.Hoeben

 Juli 2019

My Miracle

Get Wild

Hotel Room


Future Husband

Shot Of Tequila

Vikki Morris

M. Glover & Th. Szymanski

D. Trepat, J. Vane, S. Holtland

Gary O`Reilly

J. Korpershoek, L.den Otter

Fred Whitehouse

 Juni 2019

Miss Congenality

Little White Church


J. Lockton, S. Holtland
Natalie Di Vito


 Mai 2019

Chasing Down A Good Time

Power Over Me





Dan Albro
Verdonk, Dam, Camps

Neil Hale

 Pat Stott

Gary O`Reilly

 April 2019

From A Distance

Thank You

Flobie Slide

Nothing But You


Philip G. Sobrielo
Tina Argyle

Flo Cook

Darren Bailey

 März 2019

Waves of Love

A Contry High


Jesse James

Little Rumba



Gary O`Reilly
Norman Gifford

Gail Smith

Rachael McEnaney

Donna Laurin

Lisen Brixvi

 Februar 2019

White Rose

La Fiesta Cubana

Gaye Teather

Verdonk,Trepat, Petauer, Gallagher


 Januar 2019

All To Myself

Meet Me There

Dive Right In


Somebody Like You (W)

Sèverin Fillion

Verdonk, Deelen, Haugen, Camps

Will Craig

Karl-Harry Winson

Alan G. Birchall


Dezember 2018

Everybody`s Someone (W)

Maggi Gallagher

November 2018


Young At Heart

All The King`s Horses

Niels Poulsen

A. Biggs, P. Metelnick

Tender Hearts

Sangria Sun

This Tender Heart

Donna Marie Bilodeau

Tina Argyle

Judy Rodgers

Globetrottin` D. Trepat, S. Ward, F. Whitehouse


Oktober 2018

Hearts On Fire

Happy People

Groovy Love

Get It Right

Maggie Gallagher

A. Biggs & P Metelnick Whitehouse, Trepat, Dahlgren

Maddison Glover

 September 2018

Rocket To The Sun

Texas Time

Vancouver Fireworks


Surprise In Vancouver

Maddison Glover

Joshua Talbot

R.Verdonk & J Camps

Manuela Bello

R. Sarlemijn & R. Verdonk


 August 2018

Mony, Mony

Won`t Ya Come Down

Maggie Gallagher

Gary O`Reilly


Juli 2018


Like A Fine Wine

Don`t Look Good Naked

Hardwood Stomp


Down On Your Uppers

Put It On Me

Pull You Through

J. Camps & S. Bonnier

Eddie Huffman

Jo Thomson Szymanski

Rob Fowler

Gary O`Reilly

C. Flowers & M. Glover

M. Glover & Th. Szymanski



 Juni 2018

Lonely For You Only




After The Storm

A. Biggs & P. MetelnickK.

Ray, P. Stott & T. Argyle

Daniel Whittaker

Maddison Glover

Tina Argyle

 Mai 2018

With These Eyes

J'adore (Party-WS)

Staring At The Moon

Echoes Of Love

D. Bailley & N. B. Poulsen

Gudrun Schneider

Gudrun Schneider

Maggie Gallagher

  April 2018

Echame La Culpa

Be Mine

A Devil In Me

Celtic Duo

Jef Camps & Roy Verdonk

M. Chabret & S. Bonnier

Kata Sala

M. Gallagher & G. O´Reilly

 März 2018 

Keep Your Eyes On Me

Jump Right In

Beautiful Day

Trust Me!

Friday At The Dance

G. Schneider & Roy Hoeben

A. Biggs & P. Metelnik

Gaye Teather

Geri Morrison

Rob Fowler & Laura Sway

Februar 2018


All Katchi



 Kerry Maus

 Maddison Glover

Caroline Dancer Cooper

Januar 2018


Old And Grey


A Little Bit Lit

Whiskey`s Gone

Snap On Monday

Ghost Train

My Greek No 1

Blurred Lines (W)

Derek Rayen

Pat Stott

Rob Fowler

Rob Fowler

G. Schneider & D. Osterloh

Kathy Hunyadi

Maria Rask

Giovanni Coenmans